Apple Gets Ownership Of Domain

WIPO Domain verdict

We recently reported that Apple was trying to gain the ownership of a domain called Now Apple has successfully gained it.

You heard it right. Apple has successfully claimed the ownership of the domain name after filing a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to have the domain transferred from its existing owner.

According to WIPO’s website, the case has now been terminated.

The domain name now belongs to the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company, which was believed to be working on behalf of Apple to secure the domain. The domain in question was first registered back in 2008.

The now former owner of the domain argued that their website was “not endorsed, sponsored, nor otherwise affiliated with Apple,” and that it was “for the sole purpose of entertainment and knowledge.” But it seemed inevitable that the complaint would rule in Apple’s favor.

The Cupertino, Califronia-based company has successfully claimed ownership of all sorts of domains that have included its trademarks in previous years, including and

Secure the domain does not guarantee that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be named the iPhone 5. After the company abandoned its numbering system for the third-generation iPad back in March, it is expected to do the same again with its smartphone. The next iPhone maybe named simply “the new iPhone.”

Source: Cult Of Mac

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