Apple Becomes #2 Online Retailer Behind Amazon

apple-online-retail-above-staplesAs per a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has succeeded in overshadowing its retail counterpart Staples taking a 2nd position in the space of online retail. This report is published by Internet Retailer, which stated Apple’s online sales data leaped significantly to 24% last year, although this rise is due to Internet Retailer including the sales of the company’s online hardware along with the revenue made by Apple from digital content download through iTunes and the App Store, so it does not portray an actual increase in sales metric.

This also means Apple could be standing in the 2nd position for sometime now, but essentially not recored by Internet Retailer because sales of the company’s hardware such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV, was kept out from the list.

Nevertheless, Apple has a bright possibility of catching up to the first position and conquering the online sales which is possible by surpassing the great online ruler, Amazon. The fact that Amazon’s business model is formed on an e-commerce model reflecting sales of $67.8 billion last year. Any company venturing to break that number will have to take a well-planned brave call, as Amazon is expanding enormously in regular intervals. According to the WSJ report, the combined sales of online retailers #2-11 on the list cannot thump the cumulative sales made by Amazon.

What lies in future is to see Angela Ahrendts and BoB Kupbens, who have recently joined Apple as Sr. VP and VP of Online Retail respectively, displaying their leadership and commitment in elevating the retail business of the company to an entire new level.

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