Apple Pays $150 For Each MacBook Pro Retina Display Panel?

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Sometimes you have to spend money (invest) to make money (profit). The launch of new MacBook Pro with Retina display proves that.

According to the online reports, the refreshed and redesigned, 15-inch MacBook Pro with a gorgeous 2,880 x 1,880-pixel Retina Display is a hot commodity on Apple’s website. Its demand is growing by the hour. In order to facilitate this impressive update, Apple had to shell out a substantial chunk of change for each unit.

Industry sources cited by DigiTimes claim that most likely, Samsung and LG Display are the providers of the spectacular panels, which are said to cost Apple at least $150 each.

The new generation of MacBook Pro features upgraded panels with thickness of 2cm and weight of 2.13kg. Although the retail price has been set at $2,199, panel makers believe the new product is still attractive to consumers.

Apple has released more affordable products in the past. However, DigiTimes appears correct in the assertion that sticker shock is not a factor that will depress demand. If anything, Apple’s appetite for high-res panels will likely inspire Apple’s chief competitors to invest in the same Retina display panels for their devices that compete with Apple’s devices.

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