Apple picked AdAge marketer of the era

From the arrival of the iPod to the introduction of the iPad, the last ten years have been very good for Apple. Now the AdAge magazine has chosen Apple as its first Marketer of the Decade.

Apple in 2001 has totally changed the way we buy and listen to music with the introduction of the iPod. In 2006, the iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry, and inspired a surge in smartphones. The impact of this year’s debut of the iPad is still being felt, as changes sweep the media, publishing, computer and entertainment fields.

All those products, as well as Apple’s Mac computers, have been promoted by some of the most clever and innovative ad campaigns of the last decade. Who can forget the amusing Mac guy vs. PC guy commercials, or the catchy spots for the early iPods?

For ten years of advertising as groundbreaking as its products, who else but Apple could be AdAge’s Marketer of the Decade?


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