Apple Planning “Prototype” Apple Store in Palo Alto

Apple is planning to open a new and larger Apple retail store in Palo Alto.

According to the reports published in The San Jose Mercury News, the spot was pitched to the city as a prototype design should be including a commons space for Apple’s community of customers to gather. The store is being planned to be just one block away from the existing location of Apple Store in downtown Palo Alto. This store was one of the first retail stores Apple opened in the Bay Area, which is also dubbed as the Apple’s back yard.

An Apple spokesperson said that the Palo Alto store was one of the first retail stores of Apple. It was popular and that is why, Apple had decided to open a new store. Spokesperson credited Apple customers in Palo Alto and around the world for teaching many things to Apple.

There are plans that Apple’s new space will be a two story structure with more than 15,000 square feet. Plans filed with the city show that it will be featuring both stone and steel in its construction.

Downtown Palo Alto is a vibrant downtown commercial district. This city maintains a tight grip over businesses and architecture in the community. Generally, Apple a highly sought-after target for shopping malls and downtown retail zones. Here, the popularity of Apple is such that many towns go out of their way to work with this company.

Source: The Mac Observer

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