Apple prevents third-party iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro repairs, per internal document

With a new T2 chip in the 2018 MacBook Pro and the iMac Pro, prevents Apple with third-party Mac repairs. As per the details by Motherboard, a new software in place locked. This makes a machine “inoperable” per the Apple in System Configuration makes it run after a repair.

Motherboard says Apple distributed recently with an updated document. This explains any Mac with the T2 security chip. Currently, the iMac Pro and the 2018 MacBook Pro are the two Macs with the security chip.

In the document, Apple says there is a hardware repair. This processes not completing the company’s AST 2 System Configuration software. If the software is not run, where the Mac remained in an “inoperative state”. This not only prevents third-party Mac repairs from non-authorized shops.

Further, Motherboard explains with the System Configuration software suite where the Mac Resource Inspector, provides a “quick health check of hardware and software.” The cooling system displays memory, ensure an operable state following a repair.

Apple provides a new guideline to MacBook Pro machines displayed assembly, with the logic board, top case, and Touch ID board repairs. For the iMac Pro, the System Configuration software used with the Logic Board or flash storage replacement.

The System Configuration software questions the availability at Apple-authorized service facilities. The software connects to Apple’s Global Service Exchange, require an Apple login access. This is with a limitation for authorized shops. Thus the third-party Mac repair is where the people live near an Apple store or other authorized providers.

According to 9to5mac sources, Apple uptights repair which is nothing new. Thus the T2 chip has something to take seriously. Last month, a report by Apple says, a new data recovery introduction with the T2 chips of Mac, a part of the company’s security efforts.