Apple Proposes To Drop Claims On Galaxy Tab Injunction

Apple Vs. Samsung

Recently, Apple and Samsung were asked by court to reduce the number of patent claims against each other. Now Apple has planned, which lawsuits to drop.

Apple and Samsung already narrowed the field of their California-based lawsuits against each other back in May of this year, pending a trial on 30 July 2012. However, last week, both parties filed a joint statement about narrowing the complaint field further in response to Judge Lucy Koh’s request they do so.

This makes sense, especially when Koh already restricted their court time back in June. Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents has pointed out that each of the large number of Intellectual Property (IP) arguments is already fairly complex. Trying to argue a ton of them at once would be unmanageable.

Apple has dropped the patent argument on “multipoint touchscreen,” possibly due to its difficulty to prove in court. Apple had already dropped most of the claims from within this Patent dispute. The Cupertino, California-based company withdrew it with the potential reserved to assert it at a later point.

Apple also proposed the dismissal (with a “without prejudice” reassertion clause of its own) of its allegations against the 7 inch Galaxy Tab. Apple included a clarification that it was not claiming any infringement on Samsung’s F700 smartphone.

According to Mueller, Samsung has reduced the number of claims from a total of fifteen to just nine. It will assert two claims from each of its three patents, and one claim each from three other patents.

However, the narrowing process may not be done, as Judge Koh will assess the trial readiness of the case sometime this month.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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