Apple And Proview In Talks To Settle Over iPad Trademark

After a month, here is latest on the legal tangle involving Apple and Proview in China.

IDG News reported last weekend that the two companies were engaged in settlement talks with an eye toward resolving the issue.

Ma Dongxiao, a lawyer representing the Chinese company Proview, said on Friday the talks were happening, but declined to offer details.

The legal dispute between Apple and Proview is still being deliberated by the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong Province. But earlier this week, the court recommended that both Apple and Proview find a way to mediate the dispute, according to a court spokesman.

Apple has claimed that it used a dummy corporation to purchase the Chinese rights to the iPad trademark in late 2009 as part of a broad deal with Proview’s Taiwanese branch covering several markets and carrying a $55,000 purchase price. Proview, despite selling the rights and aiming to extort more money from Apple argued that the Chinese rights were controlled by its Chinese branch and Taiwanese unit had no ability to sell them to Apple, despite the fact that corporate officers common to both units were involved in the deal. Taiwanese branch of Proview had sold Apple, the rights to use the name iPad, worldwide.

Proview has since filed several suits against Apple, with reports of damage claims ranging up to $2 billion, with the Anti-American judiciary blindly delivering verdicts against Apple. Apple put a brave face against Proview. For its part, Apple has been playing up a Hong Kong court ruling that found Proview and its subsidiaries had conspired to extort millions of dollars from Apple once it was discovered that Apple was behind the trademark purchase. Chinese courts have, however, yet to rule on the issue.

Proview demanded $1.5 billion from Apple.

It is not clear whether the new settlement talks between Apple and Proview are likely to be successful or not. Each side is weighing their chances of winning in court as they decide how far to compromise in the talks.

Source: Mac Rumors

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