Apple Q4 2011 Financial Results

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With iPhone 4S, iOS 5 and Siri selling like hot cakes and dominating the news of technology world, anybody can understand the paramount of profits that Apple Inc would be standing on.

Apple has posted the Q4 Financial Results. They have a record breaking revenue of $28.27 billion, with 11.12 million iPads, 4.89 Macs and 17.07 million iPhones sold. iPhone represent a growth rate of 21% over a year-ago quarter. Over a year-ago quarter, iPod has seen 27% decline in its sales. Apple describes this quarter as the best quarter for iPad as the sales of 11.12 million iPads signifies the growth of iPad sales by 166%.

For the next quarters, Apple has set guidence at revenue that would be $37 billion approximately.

The growth of Apple Inc can be seen by following factors which are just tip of an iceberg:

1. 500,000 apps are available in App store.
2. 30 new retail stores have opened in this quarter out of which 21 have been opened internationally.
3. $3.6 billion revenue has come from Apple retail stores.
4. 77.5 million visitors visited Apple retail stores in this quarter. Thus, the popularity of Apple is unquestionable.

Apart from these, there are many other factors.

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