Apple Ready To Finish Shutting Down MobileMe Any Moment

MobileMe Closed Sign

Apple officially discontinued MobileMe service on 30 June 2012. Its previous suite of online services has been replaced by iCloud.

While the MobileMe services went offline as of that date, Apple has continued to allow MobileMe users to migrate their accounts to iCloud and to download Gallery photos and iDisk files “for a limited time”.

It now appears that the “limited time” is rapidly running out. Users who have yet to save their MobileMe data and/or convert their accounts to iCloud need to move quickly to ensure that they do not lose their data and registered user names. Ben Guild noted that Apple support staff indicated to him that as of the end of the day on 31 July 2012 Apple will begin shutting down those accounts that have not been migrated, beginning the process of opening those user names up to new users registering for iCloud.

When contacted, Apple support staff confirmed the timing on the transition and were told a slightly different story. Representative, informed Mac Rumors that Apple would begin taking the old MobileMe servers offline as of the end of the day of 31 July 2012. At the time of this news report being written, few hours (according to American time zones) remain for the day to end.

Some users’ data could continue to be available after that time as Apple works through the process of purging all of the old MobileMe data. However, users wishing to save their data and claim iCloud accounts with their MobileMe user names do need to move very quickly in order to ensure continuity.

Users who have already converted their MobileMe accounts to iCloud will be able to continue using the versions of their email addresses, although Apple is rolling out equivalents to give users the option of changing domains.

Apple’s final discontinuation of MobileMe services is here. Apple is also shutting down its beta service at the end of the day on 31 July 2012. Apple has sent out several reminders warning users that they must save any uploaded documents before the service is discontinued. Support representative talking to Mac Rumors indicated that users should not rely upon a grace period for retrieving those documents after the deadline.

Source: Mac Rumors

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