Apple Reduces The Price Of Refurbished iPads

Refurbished iPads prices

If you cannot afford the third generation New iPad and wish to buy either first generation or second generation iPad at a lower price, Apple’s latest retooling of their refurbished iPad and iPad 2 pricing is a good news for you.

A refurbished 16GB WiFi iPad can now be purchased for as little as $279. The 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 costs $319. However, the 3G equivalents still hold a $130 premium over their WiFi counterparts.

2nd Generation Apple iPads:

16GB $319; 3G $449
32GB $399 ; 3G $529
64GB $499 ; 3G $629

1st Generation Apple iPads:

16GB Wifi $279; + 3G $379
32GB WiFi $349; + 3G $449
64GB Wifi $449; + 3G $549

The lower prices are likely in response to the lower price of the retooled 16GB iPad 2, which has a considerably longer battery life because of the smaller A5 processor inside. Other refurbished sellers or “slightly used sellers” like still have the 2011 16GB iPad 2 priced at $345 plus $11.53 shipping. Apple store refurbs have the advantage of a full year Apple warranty, the same bestowed upon a “new” iPad, as well as a brand new back plate and brand new battery.

Probably this is the best time to buy a cheaper iPad.

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