Apple Rejecting All Apps That Utilize Micro-Payment Service?

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Apple has recently announced that it will be rejecting any app that integrates the donation services from the social micro-payment company, Flattr.

The Cupertino, California-based company said that the donation services violated the App Store terms and conditions regarding third-party payments.

The problems first began in early May when Apple rejected an update for the popular podcast manager Instacast. Apple cited that the app’s new integration with Flattr, which allowed users to donate money with the click of a button, was the reason for rejection.

Flattr is designed to allow in-app monetary support for content creators who would go unfunded otherwise. Examples of content creators utilizing services such as Flattr include podcasters and video makers. To utilize Flattr, users allocate a specified amount of money to a pool at the beginning of each month. When they see a Flattr button on any website or app, they can click to donate. Flattr then keeps count of the number of clicks at the end of the month and distributes the pooled money evenly.

It is likely that Apple is just taking precaution and protecting themselves from possible lawsuits, such as the lawsuits seen last year regarding children purchasing in-app game currency without parents’ knowledge. Parents had sued Apple for that.

Another likely reason for the rejection of Flattr integration is that the service competes directly with Apple’s own in-app payment system, which currently nets the company 30% of each transaction made. As of right now, Flatter said that the current ruling “is not the end.” Flattr noted that Vemedio will continue talks with Apple alongside Flattr’s own efforts to test new in-app integrations.

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