Apple releases its own clear case for iPhone XR

Apple announces iPhone XS and iPhone XR last month. This is to sell a range of cases for XS. This includes Apple-branded silicone and leather cases. However, to consider as it did not appear any talk about official accessories such as for iPhone XR.

Thus, with some press releases, one finds countries, such as Canada. This is where the original iPhone XR press releases, as Apple releases a clear case for iPhone XR. Hence, a line which presents upon the country’s Apple Newsroom Portals does not appear on the US site. A tipster, however, provides a photo where Apple’s first-ever clear case look alike …

Apple makes cases hence where the iPhone 4, which is infamous bumper is where Apple ends up away aftermath of Antennagate.

With the full leather cases upon iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c is where Apple, the infamous holey rubber cases show off. Thus the colour is unapologetically with a plastic iPhone 5c where a grid is off with circular cutouts. Apple hence offers a standard silicone with leather cases for iPhone 6 and later.

This, however, brings a full-circle where the iPhone XR go up and preorders, a week’s time before launch. This happens on October 26.  Thus iPhone XR comes in six colours: black, white, red, yellow, blue and coral.

The standard leather is with silicone case which hides colourful glass finishes. Hence, rather trying more extravagant where the iPhone 5c case designs, is upon Apple keeping a simple, launch where they are the first-ever plastic case clear. Thus a marketing image is what looks like:

As per the one does not exactly win is where the design innovates.  This is a pretty standard clear case allows the colour of the phone from all sides. Thus the leather or silicone cases is where Apple iPhone XR clear case with an open bottom. Hence there is nothing on the bottom edge of the screen where various swipe gestures navigate around the phone. Thus everything else runs the mill.

Speck sells a clear case for iPhone XR and so is Spigen ($14). There is not much one to distinguish between the Speck and the official Apple case, aforementioned opens bottom designs and not emblazoned any of the third-party logos. With the roundup is where the best alternatives, from under $10 Apple’s official clear case.

Hence the Apple press release, which says iPhone XR has a clear case of selling for $55 CAD, or about $40 in the US. As the case is not mentioned herewith from Apple per the iPhone XR, is a US press release. This has updated as there are any which hears back. However, Apple-designed iPhone XR cases a folio case for the XR.