Apple Releases New iPad Television Ad

New iPad

On Monday, 18 June 2012, Apple posted a new television ad for the new iPad called “Do It All”.

In this ad, Retina Display is the focus, just the way most recent ads of iPhone 4S focus on Siri. A number of different apps also share the spotlight.

Send a note. Stay informed.

Catch a show. Make your point.

Make a memory. Make a masterpiece.

Read something. Watch something. And learn something.

Do it all more beautifully, with the Retina display, on iPad.

This is the second television advertisement that Apple has released for the new iPad. The first was released in March after the introduction of the popular tablet. It was titled “This Good”. That ad also focused on the new Retina display.

Last week, Apple released an ad for the new Retina MacBook Pro that also focused on the screen.

Source: Mac Rumors

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