Apple Reminds Developers About The Sandbox Deadline For Apps

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Recently, Apple introduced the system of Developer ID to enhance the security of Mac. Now Apple is enforcing the new system of sandboxing to make Mac security, stronger.

Apple has started sending out emails to registered developers reminding them of the enforcement of the new sandboxing system rules. The new rules will implemented on 1 June 2012. The email is seen as confirmation that the sandboxing effort will go into effect after Apple pushed back the original November 2011 deadline to Marc, which was subsequently extended yet again to June.

The email reads the following:

As a reminder, the deadline for sandboxing your apps on the Mac App Store is June 1.

If you have an existing app on the Mac App Store that is not sandboxed, you may still submit bug fix updates after June 1. If you have technical issues that prevent you from sandboxing your app by June 1, let us know.

It is not clear why Apple decided to delay the security feature. However, a report from November pointed out a vulnerability that allowed programs to exercise restricted functions in certain default sandbox profiles. The sandboxing initiative looks to make Apple’s OS X a more secure environment for users by restricting what operation an app can execute. This was first seen in OS X Leopard. Here, the feature was designed to limit an app’s actions to program-essential functions in order to prevent damage from malware attacks.

Although sandboxing only covers programs installed through the Mac App Store, Apple will be implementing a system-wide solution called Gatekeeper in its next-gen operating system called OS X Mountain Lion. On the surface, it appears to be a traditional anti-virus program. As Apple described it, Gatekeeper will go much deeper and at its most secure setting. It will only download and install verified code that carries digital signatures obtained through Apple’s Developer ID program. Such a move will hopefully provide the extra security that is much needed as malware continues to threaten more Mac users as of late.

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