Apple Wants Replacement For California “Mini” Apple Store

Santa Rosa Apple Store

Every time you see an Apple store, you see that store is specious and big. However, there are many “mini-stores” that are not so specious.

Small in size and area, most of these Apple mini-stores were opened in 2004. There are reports that a mini-store in Santa Rosa will be moving to a new location. The new location will be giving the mini-store, six times more space than it has at its current location.

In its current location, Santa Rosa Plaza Store is 450-square feet. Here, employees help customers on the mall benches and customers line up in the mall hallway, waiting for service. Due to the popularity of Apple devices like iPhone 4S, there has been an increase in sales and support requests for Apple products. This makes it difficult for small stores to entertain large number of customers. So far, four of the original nine mini-stores have expanded into larger locations.

In near future, the remaining stores might also get more space to operate.

Source: TUAW

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