Apple Reportedly Using UDID To Stifle In-App Purchase Hack

iPhone UDID

Recently, we reported that an innovative idea by a Russian hacker enables people to bypass the in-app purchases and download things being offered as in-app purchases for free. Apple swung into action to stop it.

Now new reports have indicated that Apple might be using the Unique Device Identifier Data (UDID) identification system to stop the in-app purchase workaround afflicting the iOS community.

Unnamed app developers have reported that Apple may be utilizing the UDID number assigned to every iDevice to prevent unwanted free purchases from occurring. Numerous developers have reported a new receipt field entitled “unique_identifier” showing up on in-app purchases. It is unclear how Apple is leveraging the UDID, or if the new “unique_identifier” is the same as the UDID, which Apple famously dropped support for and urged developers to use different methods to identify iDevices.

Many consumer advocacy groups praised Apple’s for abandoning the UDID standard citing privacy concern. Mobile ad agencies griped about not being able to rely on metrics calculated from the reportedly anonymous UDID.

Apple is in fact utilizing the UDID to protect consumers, and developers falling victim to the in-app workaround. Such things obviously hurt spammers and advertisers.

Source: Modmyi

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