Apple Requests Potential Motorola Bond Of Up To $16 Billion In German Patent Case

Apple Motorola

Last month, we reported that Apple had been requesting for Motorola to put up a US $2.7 billion bond should it prove victorious in a patent case filed in Germany.

Bonds like this are a common practice in German courts as the amount would be used to compensate Apple for the time its products were out of German market should Apple win the case.

Florian Muller, representing FOSS Patents says that judge in this case was skeptical about Apple’s defenses against Motorola’s claims of the infringement of a data synchronization patent by iCloud.

FOSS Patents followed up the case and saw that US $2.7 billion was the annual sum. With trial and subsequent appeals being anticipated to drag on till 2018, the tool amount of Apple’s bond request could amount to a total of $16.2 billion, calculating the potential six-year period to begin at 2012.

Source: Mac Rumors

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