Apple Requests Retail Staff To Help In Testing OS X Mountain Lion

Apple Retail Staff

Generally, pre-releases of operating systems by Apple are available only for developers so that they can get their applications ready for the new operating system and continue with their sales in the App Store or Mac App Store.

Not only does Apple asks developers to test their own applications,it also asks them to focus use on certain aspects of the operating system to aid Apple in fixing bugs. Apple seeds downloads to developers from the developer section of its Web site.

However, now for the first time ever, Apple is reaching out to its retail store employees to have them test the latest version of the upcoming OS X operating system – Mountain Lion. It seems Apple is rushing to get OS X Mountain Lion out the door on a timely fashion. Therefore, the Cupertino, California-based company needs as much testing as possible crammed into a tight window of time. By offering Apple’s retail store employees a free test copy of the operating system, Apple is hoping to have at least most of the bugs fixed to have as stable as a public release as possible.

According to online reports, the release being given to the retail store employees is not a Golden Master version. It is a near-release build and retail employees are being asked to install it on their personal Mac computers.

OS X Mountain Lion will be hitting the Mac App Store next month (July). Upgrading will cost $19.99 from either Snow Leopard or Lion. The new operating system will bring a ton of new features to the Mac platform including a lot of iOS-like functionality such as Notification Center, Reminders, and Game Center that will help make all of the devices operate at the same level.

Seems like Apple is in a hurry. Let us see what happens when Mountain Lion is released.

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