Apple Retail Stores to Get ‘Apple Stores 2.0’ Makeover

Apple planning a big product launch to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its retail stores today. But here the Apple’s big product launch is related to retail stores rather than a new product.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is giving the retail store experience a major makeover, which is internally referred to as “Apple Store 2.0.”

According to 9to5Mac’s source, here are some of the changes:

– Personal Setup will have new dedicated areas in stores called “Startup Sessions.”

– The paper signs next to products will be replaced with iPads to probably provide more interactive information.

– Will feature beefed up displays, which are described as “huge,” in addition to brand-new sound systems.
Apple to release a brand-new Apple Store iOS application that is even more interactive, which may be released on Sunday.

– According to AppleInsider, Apple stores across the U.S. have been stocked with dozens of iPads, which will be used by employees on the floor.

– New store or window displays.

Any plan to visit the local Apple Store to checkout the new retail experience? You can post us a comment below.

[ Via iphonehacks ]

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