Apple saddles for more music

Apple users were excited about the news of Apple’s acquisition of last May. With the announcement of allowing users to store films, music, movies, apps and e-books from iTunes. Just like cloud technology can avoid congestion or roadblocks and even it can help to avoid loss of content in hard disk whenever there is hard disk malfunction.

Now Apple with the slow moving project of cloud music service it has got the company with Google planning to launch music service later this year. The search engine giant has already begin the work with the process of obtaining license.

With Apple taking its time to launch as usual users seems to be impatient with the pace Apple is working on it. But it seems Apple is in no hurry with Google in race the folks knows that Google has a long way to go before they race. Let’s see whether Apple can afford any more time while Google seems to be really in race by the way with their preparations.

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