Apple And Sam’s Club Planning To Widen Partnership

Apple store in Best Buy store

Apple and Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club are discussing plans to widen their already existing partnership. Sam’s Club currently sells Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod lines within its large retail chain. However, Appel and Sam’s Club are looking to take their business relationship to the next level.

According to sources and online reports, Apple is considering the idea of expanding its Apple Store-in-store program to the 47 United States retail warehouse chain locations.

Sources said that Apple has plans to expand its program beyond Best Buy and Target in the United States. Sam’s Club is one of the retail chains that Apple is in early discussions with. For those who are not familiar with the concept of Apple-store-in-store, it typically consists of a mini-Apple Store type setup within a larger store. For example, the store-in-stores in Best Buy consist of Apple-like displays and a large table with all of Apple’s products as typically seen in standalone Apple Stores.

Sam’s Club and Apple are also discussing a backup plan. This plan consists of Sam’s Club simply selling Apple’s Macs, but without the features of Apple store. Since the discussions are in an early stage, the predictions of the timeframe for such partnerships is not possible. However, definitely the store-in-stores will not be coming soon. If the discussions fail and disagreements occur, none of this would happen.

While Sam’s Club is said to be considered, at the moment, it is not known if Apple is considering its (Sam’s Club’s) parent company Walmart too.

Source: 9TO5 Mac

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