Apple And Samsung Claim 99% of Profits Among Top Mobile Phone Vendors

Mobile phone profits

Asymco’s Horace Dediu has released his data on operating profits among the eight top mobile phone vendors for the first quarter of 2012. The report made by Dediu on the basis his data reveals that Apple and Samsung together now hold 99% of the profits with Apple representing the lion’s share at 73%.

Apple’s share was down slightly from 75% in the previous quarter. However, Samsung boosted its share from 16% to 26% to shut out nearly all other vendors.

Among the other six vendors, only HTC managed to eke out a profit. HTC took 1% of the total industry profits. Research In Motion (RIM), LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia failed to turn a profit on their handset businesses.

Mobil phone profits

The rise of Apple and Samsung at the expense of all of the other major vendors has come as the mobile phone market is expanding and more expensive smartphones are making up an increasing percentage of overall mobile phone sales.

Consequently, Apple and Samsung share growth is coming even as the total pool of profits is surging. Over the past two years, profits taken by top eight vendors has risen from $5.3 billion to $14.4 billion, driven in large part by carrier subsidies worth hundreds of dollars on each of the growing number of smartphones sold.

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