Apple says ‘huge accessibility potential’ Shortcuts in iOS 12

Apple’s new Shortcuts feature a launch as part of iOS 12, gained swift popularity with users and developers. One aspect of Shortcuts is largely un-discussed meaning for accessibility.

MacStories getting out today with a closer look is at the role of Shortcuts where Apple’s Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives is weighing in.

Writing for MacStories, Steven Aquino focuses of Shortcuts where there is a speed and accessibility, not only combines with how one able to consolidate with multi-step tasks into one process, a huge certain cognitive or physical motor delays:

With the briefings of Apple at WWDC where shortcuts have first items which is what you want to discuss. Like Group FaceTime and others, where the company firmly believes in shortcuts’ with potential accessibility aid.

Their enthusiasm thus warrants: for many users where certain cognitive and/or physical motor delays, with the consolidation of tasks reduces friction which associates a remembrance on how performing a task and thus does it.

Meanwhile, Apple’s Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives, Sarah Herrlinger, benefits the Shortcuts in a statement today where, Herrlinger, explains that Apple sees “huge accessibility potential” with Siri Shortcuts where there is a Shortcuts app. She thus added the company receiving feedback from users on how they use Shortcuts combining multiple tasks into one for accessibility benefit:

”We thus see a huge accessibility potential with Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app. Thus it makes a difference already, helping people across a wide range of assistive needs where everyday tasks like getting work, coming home, or stays touch with friends and family.

We thus get great feedback on how powerful the technology streamlines with frequent tasks and which integrate multiple app functions with a single voice command or tap.”