Apple says officially iOS 12, on 50% off at all iPhones and iPads

Mixpanel reports that Apple crossed the magic 50% milestone for iOS 12. This happens at the weekend, where Apple releases first usage numbers based on visits to the App Store.

Apple says 50% of all devices where iOS 12 and 53% of devices are within the last four years. This four-year timespan has a metric only counting devices launched since September 2014 (iPhone 6 and later).

As of October 10, there is 7% of devices during the last four years for iOS 10. Thus with Apple’s all-time chart is with 11% where the category is with 4% gap. This estimates Apple’s iOS devices upgrades beyond iOS 10 — like the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.

The first few days of iOS 12 sluggishes with the same period for iOS 11. However, as a known fact is, iOS 12 rockets already ahead above 50% on October 10. Thus iOS 11 took it until November 8. Thus as a note to reach the fact is the same milestone — by Apple’s statistics.

As an interesting fact to note is, the Apple starts to track 4-year-time frame. The first time however reported by Apple is has figured like that. Thus with September 2014, cut off is the point where the earliest timeframe of all iPhones released running iOS 12, where the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is .

If Apple thus stretches to five years, the iPhone 5s applicable for iOS 12 is where the iPhone 5c which cannot update to iOS 11 or iOS 12 and drags down the figures a bit. Thus it finds explained of Apple choosing focus on the last four years.

Thus with the reception of Customer to iOS 12, seems positive with a few major bugs, thanks to a renewed focus on the stability and performance on Apple’s part.

iOS 12 upgrades rate no doubt gets another boost when iOS 12.1 launches the Group FaceTime call features which is long awaited, as well as 70 new emoji.