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WIPO iPhone 5 Case Details

There has been a lot of debate about whether Apple will refer to the next-generation iPhone as iPhone 5, iPhone 6, simply iPhone or something else entirely. Fusible has noted that Apple has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), seeking to gain control of the domain.

WIPO authorities are currently assessing compliance of Apple’s claim with the agency’s regulations. Proceedings are likely to be initiated in the near future.

The domain currently hosts a very small discussion forum dedicated to discussion of the iPhone 5. This forum was launched in October 2010 following the debut of the iPhone 4 earlier in the year. Forum

Apple’s pursuit of the domain is interesting given how slow it has been to take action to secure domains related to its previous products. Apple did not gain control of until nearly a year after that device launched and Apple did not seek to gain control of until several weeks after that device debuted in October 2011. In the latter case, Apple was likely extremely motivated to take control of the domain because it was being used to forward visitors to pornographic websites.

Usually, Apple does not pursue domain names for its products until after they launch, lest their names be revealed ahead of time by the negotiation process. It seems odd that Apple is already seeking to gain control of However, with “iPhone 5” having been the name informally attached to Apple’s next iPhone form factor redesign for nearly two years now and still in popular use, the iPhone-maker apparently believes that it should have some control over the name’s usage.

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