Apple Seeks Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung’s Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III

Recently, Apple filed a motion to block US sales of Samsung’s new Galaxy S III smartphone. Apple claimed that the handset had been included as part of another ongoing preliminary injunction case against the Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy S III, which is set to hit US stores on 21 June 2012. FOSS Patents reported that Apple claimed the latest Samsung smartphone should be considered a direct successor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and therefore should be enjoined to the case already underway in California.

If the request is granted, the Nexus injunction suit would stop sales of both the legacy Galaxy handset as well as the yet to be released in the US, Galaxy S III. Apple procured that the new Galaxy S III which is on sale in the US “clearly infringes at least two of the Apple patents at issue in the preliminary injunction motion for the exact same reasons as the Galaxy Nexus.”

Apple also said that, “[according] to press reports, Samsung has already sold over nine million pre-orders of the Galaxy S III; indeed, the Galaxy S III has been reported to be the most extensively pre-ordered piece of consumer electronics in history.”

As of right now, Samsung device is still under investigation by Apple whether it infringes on two other patents asserted in the original Nexus injunction motion. Since the S III is set to be released in two weeks, Apple is has limited “its current request for preliminary relief against the Galaxy S III to the ‘604 [unified search, Siri] and ‘647 [data tapping] patents. This is because it is clear that infringement can be shown with respect to these patents based on the current record.”

Both Apple and Samsung seem to be continuing the disputes with one another and it seems that they do not have any method to resolve their issues in sight. One can understand how big Samsung would lose if Apple wins this time. In the meantime, this court-filing is the latest development in the two tech-giants’ worldwide patent struggle.

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