Apple Expected To Sell 190 Million iPhones And 81 Million iPads

iPhone 4S

Apple must be on Cloud No.9, given the success iPhone and iPad have achieved over the years.

The anticipation and wait for upcoming Apple devices shows how much love Apple fanboys have for Apple. Thus, the sales of Apple products are expected to go up as if there would be no looking behind.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has predicted that Apple is set to break its previous sales records in 2012, by selling 200 million iPhones.

However, more consumers are expected to buy iPhones in the first quarter of 2012 rather than this holiday 2011 quarter. Demand for the iPad is not declining as well.

Analysts expect Apple to sell between 31 and 36 million iPhones before the end of 2011. That is the 30% more than what Wall Street had originally estimated. For next quarter, that is the first quarter of 2012, “US consumers expect to buy more iPhones in C1Q12 than C4Q11,” Huberty said. Over 41 million iPhones are expected to sell in the first quarter of 2012. With the popularity of iPhone 4S and craze for it still going strong, it should not come as surprise if these predictions become true.

The AlphaWise had conducted the survey for Morgan Stanley. According to survey, Apple’s successful tablet iPad is expected to sell 81 million units in 2012. However, Huberty suggested that the Apple could boost the sales by 15 million more if it dropped the iPad’s price to $399 for the entry-level model. The rumors of 8-inch iPad are still going strong. Thus, we may see the new iPad very soon next year.

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