Apple Sending 30-Day Reminders For MobileMe Discontinuation

Move from MobileMe to iCloud

We reported that the MobileMe service would be coming an end in June 2012. Now you have just few days to save your files.

With Apple’s MobileMe service set to shut down on 30 June 2012, as the company completes the transition to iCloud, users of the service are receiving 30-day warning emails reminding them of the impending shutdown.

Those MobileMe users who have yet to move their accounts to iCloud are receiving a message from Apple. This message warns them that they need to take action in order for their email to continue functioning. The message also offers instructions on the transition process.

Apple is also reminding users that those whose systems do not meet the minimum requirements for the full iCloud service can still migrate their email and calendars to iCloud.

Download your files from MobileMe

MobileMe users who have already converted to iCloud are receiving a slightly different message. Message sent to such users reminds them that MobileMe Gallery, iDisk, and iWeb hosting will all be discontinued with the final transition to iCloud. Such users should be sure to download any affected content they wish to keep before MobileMe is shut down.

Have you saved your mails and data in your MobileMe account? How do you bid farewell to MobileMe? Post your comments.

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