Apple set to debut 99-cent iTunes TV Show Rentals from Fox and ABC

The Apple’s media event which is going to be held today, is been talked about for more than a month now. The event is expected to see a variety of new launches. We have heard about a new version of iPod touch and updates to iTunes, but television also is likely to be a part of the event.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Apple will launch its 99-cent TV show rentals through the iTunes Store today, with Fox and ABC set to serve as launch partners for delivering content.

As part of the Apple event Wednesday, News Corp.’s Fox and Walt Disney’s ABC networks are slated to be announced as offering 99-cent rentals of television shows through the iTunes store, according to people familiar with the matter.

Now, people who buy TV shows through iTunes to watch on computers, iPhones or other gadgets typically pay $1.99 or $2.99 for each episode. Cutting the cost could significantly increase sales of digital TV shows through iTunes. But is feared to damage the relationship between the media company’s and cable, satellite-TV companies.


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