Apple Maybe Forced To Stop Selling iPad In China

Apple iPad China

After Apple’s claim of the ownership of “iPad” name was rejected in China, Apple appealed against the verdict. Now it seems that things can turn ugly for Apple.

Proview (Shenzen division) claimed the ownership of iPad. Apple had tried to prevent Proview from using iPad name in China but unfortunately, the move backfired on Apple.

While this was all going on, Proview Taiwan (only loosely affiliated with the Shenzen division) sold the trademark to “iPad” in China to a UK-based company named Application Development. Application Development sold it right back to Apple. However, Apple lost the original lawsuit that was supposed to prevent Proview (Shenzen) from using the name.

As a result, Proview (Shenzen) is arguing that it still retains the rights to the “iPad” name on the Chinese mainland. Proview (Shenzen) is demanding Apple to be fined as much as 2.4 billion yuan ($380 million US).

It is not known how many option does Apple have before finally paying the fine if asked to and how Apple can take this fight forward. However, something needs to be done because now Apple can be prohibited from selling or marketing its tablet under the name “iPad” in China.

Source: TUAW

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