Apple Store Genius Bars Facing More iPhone 4 Replacement Constraints

iPhone 4

Last month, we reported that due to constraints of replacement units for the discontinued white 16GB GSM iPhone 4, Apple Store Genius Bars were told to swap out these devices for a 16GB white iPhone 4S.

Users who were facing hardware related problems with their 16GB iPhone 4 were essentially given free upgrades to the Siri, A5-chip, 8MP camera-packing iPhone 4S. This was happening until last week. Last week, Apple was almost completely caught up with demand for the constrained white iPhone 4 16GB replacements units.

Caught up with that SKU has , Apple is now facing constraints of the black 16GB iPhone 4 and black 32GB iPhone 4 (GSM/CDMA unit breakdown is unclear).

Like with the 16GB white iPhone 4 constraint situation of mid-late April, Genius Bars are without stock of the black 16GB iPhone 4. Thus, black 32GB iPhone 4 replacements units have been instructed to provide customers with comparable iPhone 4S replacements. However, not all Apple Stores are facing these constraints. These constraints should clear up within a few weeks if the white iPhone 4 16GB constraint process follows suit here.

Have you ever faced any hardware-related problem with your iPhone 4? Did Apple replace your iPhone 4 with an iPhone 4S? Post your comments.

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