Apple Store In Pasadena To Reopen

Apple Store Pasadena

Apple Fanboys in Pasadena have a reason to smile. Their good old favorite retail store is coming back.

Apple has issued a notice that Old Pasadena retail district is re-opening this weekend, after an almost yearlong expansion project. The company even opened a temporary store a little bit down the street from the location. Apple is working to expand the main store, adding a second level and lots more space for showing off Apple’s products.

The store will reopen this Saturday at 10 AM. The people will be able to see how spacious it has become now. Apple has also said that the first 1000 customers to the revamped location will pick up a commemorative t-shirt. If you want one of those shirts, better be early to arrive there on Saturday.

The original Pasadena store dates back to 2003. It is one of the oldest Apple stores in California, possibly one of Apple’s most important locations.

What will you buy from this store? Post your comments.

Source: TUAW

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