Apple Store Thieves Arrested

Apple Store Scottsdale

The craze for gadgets like iPhone and iPad is heavy nowadays and these gadgets fascinate crooks and thieves as well.

We all know that Apple products are loved by thieves and Apple Stores continue to be a target for theft all over United States.

This time a trio of young thieves busted in the glass doors on an Apple Store in Scottsdale, Arizona, and tried to get away with $75,000 worth of Apple devices. The group robbed the store at around 2 AM on the 2 January 2012. A a taxi driver spotted the crime and started following the robbers away from the scene.

The robbers actually started firing guns on the taxi driver when they noticed that they were being followed. Taxi driver followed them anyway. He was able to make enough of an identification (along with security camera footage) that cops were able to arrest the three thieves.

Apple Stores are targeted by thieves, not only because they have expensive, re-sellable products, but also because the store designs often mean that all it takes to get in is breaking a window.

The presence of mind and bravery of Taxi Driver is definitely praiseworthy who got a chance to be a real super-hero for one night.

Source: TUAW

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