Apple Stores Coming To Germany, Spain Australia And France

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In October 2011, there were various reports about the company planning to spend approximately $900 million on retail stores during 2012. The investment would account for the opening of roughly 40 new locations throughout the year.

Some of that investment expected to be going towards three new stores in Germany, one in the northwest region of Spain, and others in Australia and France’s Burgundy wine region.

German readers have spotted the confirmation on Apple’s website regarding earlier reports that it would be expanding in Germany due to job listings available for new stores in both Stuttgart and Cologne. Apple has also begun listing jobs for the new store in Berlin. As detailed by, construction on another place in Hanover has now begun, which makes four new stores coming to Germany in 2012.

ifoAppleStore highlighted some rumors of another retail store expected to open in Valladolid, Spain by October 2012. A rumor indicated that the store will be located in the city’s main shopping district Calle de Santiago, which is about two hours north of locations in Madrid.

ifoAppleStore also confirmed through job listings that two new stores would open in Australia. One would be in the capitol city of Canberra, and the other at Westfiled Carindale in Brisbane. These stores are in addition to two locations under construction in Perth and Sydney. They maybe ready for openings by October.

MacGeneration spotted job listings for a new store in Dijon, France, in the Burgundy wine region. An exact location for the store is not confirmed. If this rumor is true, this will be the next proposed location for an Apple store after selecting Champs-Élysées being chosen as the location for another Apple store.

The addition of approximately 40 new locations in 2012 will bring the total number of Apple stores up from the current 362 to roughly 400. Apple is expecting three-quarters of those 40 new locations to open outside of the United States.

Source: 9TO5 Mac

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