Apple Strike Wireless Industry Partnership, Ban from Using the Word App Store

Wireless Industry Partnership has received a letter from Apple requesting them to stop using the words ‘App Store.’ The WIP was attack due to using of title of their App Store Catalog and App Store Reports which the Apple says that they own the trademark term.

According to thenextweb:

With the Apple App Store copyright issue far from being resolved, Apple has begun issuing cease and desist orders to websites using the term, including the Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP), as it tries to defend its trademark.

Just a day after it announced iOS 5 to the world, Apple sent a cease and desist letter to the group, asking it to stop using the term “App Store” in the title of its App Store Catalog and App Store Reports services, noting that it ”improperly suggests to U.S. consumers that numerous companies offer an APP STORE mobile download service, when in fact the term APP STORE refers exclusively to Apple’s groundbreaking download service.”

WIP’s App Store Catalog exists to list the burgeoning number of mobile application marketplaces around the world, whereas its Reports (quite obviously) gives developers a look at some of the metrics of different App Stores.

Apple’s war on inappropriate use of the term “App Store” began it filed a claim to trademark the term ‘App Store’ to prevent its rivals from using the same term for their own stores.

Apple trademark application has seen lot of obstacles and hurdles from Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia, HTC, and Sony. Till now WIP has just received cease and desist orders but Amazon has already been sued for using the term ‘App Store.’

[ Via TNW ]

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  1. I also read this news in business magazine that wireless Industry partnership received letter from Apple to stop the using word Appstore. I think Apple has a copyright issues.

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