Apple Sued By Chinese Company Over Snow Leopard Trademark

Chinese Snow Leopard

Now that the lies of Proview and support from jingoistic Chinese government and judiciary has got Proview a victory over Apple, some other Chinese companies have made up their mind to bite the Apple pie and extort as much money as possible. Encouragement has come due to jingoistic feelings.

Apple paid $60 million to end a thuggish extortion attempt on the part of China’s Proview over the iPad trademark. Now a dispute over a product Apple does not even sell anymore: OS X Snow Leopard.

When you cook something delicious and walk out of your house with it (without covering it) all animals in your alley would get attracted to the smell of delicious item and follow you with tongue out. Now Apple is being chased by Chinese companies with their tongues lapping over lips for the greed that they call as dollars.

A court in Shanghai has agreed to hear a trademark lawsuit case on 10 July 2012 filed by Chinese chemical company, Jiangsu Xuebao. At stake is the Snow Leopard trademark, which Jiangsue Xuebao has owned for the last ten years and used to market a line of gadgets.

Jiangsu Xuebao claimed that Apple’s use of Snow Leopard for the name of its Operating System (OS) is a violation of their trademark. Thus, they want over $80,000 in damages, accompanied by an official apology from Apple. They are also suing Chinese companies who have advertised or sold Snow Leopard to customers.

Even if Jiangsu Xuebao does own the trademark for Snow Leopard in China, experts seem to think that the Chinese chemical company’s chances at victory here are pretty low. Not only Apple can afford to put up a fight, but Jiagnsu Xuebao is a company better known for making toothpaste and toilet cleaning chemicals than operating systems. But there is possibility that the jingoist government and judiciary might be on the side of Jiangsue Xuebao.

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