Apple Sued In China Because Of Siri

Siri Vs Xiaoi Bot

Last week, we saw how hostile the environment in China has become for Apple, considering the the fact that corrupt system of China is favoring Proview and Jinangsu Xuebao who have always been telling lies to extort money.

Apple is very quick to jump on rival companies who infringe upon its patents. The Cupertino, California-based company is currently embroiled in a number of legal battles with the many tech-giants like Samsung and HTC.

However, now Apple is on the receiving end, all because of the desire of Chinese companies to extort money from Apple as they are riding on the waves of jingoism and they know that the corrupt and jingoistic judicial system of China will be on their side. Apple is being sued for infringing upon a voice assistant patent with its Siri feature.

Zhizhen Network Technology, the creator of a feature called Xiaoi Bot, has claimed that Apple’s voice-controlled assistant is guilty of infringing upon one of its patents which covers a “type of instant messaging chat bot system.” Xiaoi Bot integrates with instant messengers like Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. It also comes pre-installed on some devices, such as Lenovo’s upcoming Smart TV.

Xiaoi Bot reportedly looks a lot like Siri, so much so that you could accuse its creator of copying. However, Xiaoi Bot has actually been around a whole lot longer. One can say that as the patent in question was applied for way back in 2004 — when the iPhone was just an idea at the back of Steve Jobs’s mind. But considering the fact that Zhizhen Network Technology was silent all this while, one can say that there are some differences between Siri and Xiaoi Bot and saying that Siri was copied from Xiaoi Bot would be like saying that every comic-book hero who has the ability to fly has been copied from Superman.

It is interesting to note is that Zhizhen has a problem with Apple’s description of Siri on its website, rather than Siri itself. The description the company refers to in its complaint has now been removed from Apple’s website.

Despite its removal, Apple is yet to respond to Zhizhen’s complaint. However, M.I.C. Gadget has reported that pre-trial proceedings are under way.

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