Apple Sues Samsung Over Galaxy S II And Other Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy S II

As we reported earlier, at the moment, there is no end to the battle between Apple and Samsung. Now their conflict is returning to Germany.

There are reports in Bloomberg that Apple has filed a new lawsuit in Germany, targeting ten of Samsung’s Android handsets.

This new suit gives Apple a fresh start to argue for its EU design rights. Germany’s Dusseldorf Court had recently raised questions over the EU Design Rights of Apple. This lawsuit also gives Apple an opportunity to win an injunction that would halt the sales of popular handsets like the Galaxy SII and the Galaxy S Plus.

This is not the first time the feud of Apple and Samsung has come to Germany.

Apple also filed another German lawsuit, citing five Samsung tablet models. This suit is supposedly related to a German lawsuit that Apple had filed earlier this year against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1. This older suit led to the ban of Galaxy 10.1 tablet sales in the European country. The subsequent development of the Galaxy 10.1N tablet was also banned. The designed of the Tablet was changed. This redesigned tablet meets the court’s criteria and will not be banned from retail shelves.

Apple and Samsung had been suing each other over copyright infringement ever since Apple won a lawsuit against Samsung in Australia that resulted on a ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

The legal tussle between Apple and Samsung spread from Australia to Europe and North America. If Apple won in France, Samsung won in United States.

The ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 had been ended by the Australian court in late November 2011. However, Galaxy Tab was released after 9 December 2011 because Apple had succeeded in obtaining a stay order on the implementation of verdict lifting the ban. Apple requested for more extension but its plea was rejected this time. This was the second victory of Samsung in Australia.

Like returning to Germany, Apple-Samsung saga will return to Australia again in Australia will take place in March 2012.

Source: TUAW

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