Apple Tablet to launch February 2010?

There have been a lot of ongoing speculation about the much anticipated Apple Tablet. It is almost certain that it will arrive sometime, but it has never been clear when… nor exactly what’s in it. Two weeks before that recent “It’s only Rock and Roll” Apple media event, the device was rumored to be announced at the Keynote. However, there was no signs for such a device. Many reports also indicate that Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, has been working on an upcoming Apple Tablet, almost totally concentrated around it, since his return.

Now though, the rumor has been revived once again. Taiwan Economic News has posted a report which says that the Apple Tablet will launch in February 2010, and that it’s going to be priced from $799 to $999. This is based on the fact that DynaPack International Technology Corp just won a contract with Apple, which makes them an exclusive provider of up to 300,000 long lasting batteries a month.

Furthermore, the report claims many interesting details about the Apple Tablet, which are certainly subject for discussion, are they true or not? The device’s display will be 9.6 inches and is enabled as a large touch screen, even with multi-touch as the iPhone and iPod Touch. There will be built-in wireless 3G and it will contain both HSPDA (high speed download packet access) and P.A. SEMI processor chips. Also, since Apple tends to launch new products in February, which is shortly after their usual January keynote, it is likely that the Apple Tablet will see the light in February 2010.

So, this time perhaps… are the Apple Tablet rumors true?

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