Apple Accused Of Tax Evasion


So far, Apple had been facing accusations from its competitors of patents infringement. Those competitors were suing Apple to save their face from the humiliation they suffered from the lawsuits that Apple filed against them.

Now Apple is facing a new accusation, not from competitors but from authorities.

Apple is under fire for reportedly witholding payments due from ‘copy tax,’ from iPads sold in France. French publication Les Echos has reported that Apple has refused to pay the tax on 64GB iPads sold in 2011.

According to the reports, Apple owes a total of €4.74 million ($6.3 million), coming from the 500,000 iPads sold in France during 2011.

Apple, Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, RIM, and more are required to pay a €12 tax on 64GB devices and higher that allow customers to produce their own media for personal use. Copie France is a company that works to protect artist’s rights. It is hoping to collect the money from Apple.

However, a French court dismissed the tax on 64GB tablets for the year of 2012. That is why Apple and other companies are protesting and not paying 2011’s taxes.

What do you think will happen this time in French court? Share your thoughts.

Source: iDownload Blog

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