Apple to Announce Back-to-School Special at WWDC, iPad or iPod Touch Discount?

Apple will reportedly announce its Back-to-School special at WWDC which will bundle a free iPod touch or possibly a $200 iPad discount with the purchase of a Mac.

Apple has already start inviting Journalist from UK and Australia, insider has a though that Apple will release iOS 5 and next iPhone at WWDC 2011 which is rumor to be held at end of June.

One of our Apple sources has informed us that they’ve been hearing Apple’s yearly back-to-school special will be announced at WWDC next month. We have been told Apple will continue to offer educational discounts on computers and either a free iPod touch, or $229 towards the purchase of any other iPod. Our source also let us know that there might be something new in the works, as well… they heard that it’s possible Apple might offer students up to $200 off an iPad with the purchase of a new Mac. If true, this would be pretty great deal.

[ Via bgr ]

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