Apple to live Stream today’s media event

Did you want to attend the Apple’s annual media event, but could not because of some reason?  Well, its good news for you then. Apple announced that they would be live streaming video of their September media event across the web. However, Apple announced that the stream will only be viewable on an OS X 10.6 Mac or an iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). The reason for the limitation isn’t entirely arbitrary, as Apple is using a new streaming technology called HTTP Live Streaming which was introduced alongside Snow Leopard’s QuickTime X and iOS 3.0.

So far Apple is the only company who seems to have implemented this protocol. As a result, the video will only be easily viewable on the specified platforms. There seem to be some advantages to the system over existing streaming technologies. Notably, there should be no router/firewall issues as the stream is sent over standard HTTP protocols.

For non-supported readers who really want to watch the stream close to live, the stream will load in VLC for both Mac and windows, using this URL:

Today’s press event is expected to focus on Apple’s music efforts. The invitation for the event features a guitar festooned with an Apple logo, and Apple has used similar fall press conferences to overhaul its iPod lineup in advance of the holiday shopping season.


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