Apple to Release multi-Touch Remote and More, Tomorrow?

It’s been in the air for quite some time that Apple is planning updates for many of their stationary Macs and their MacBook, and the waiting may soon be over. Rumors have risen to the surface of hardware releases this week, and though none of them have been confirmed, much indicate high reliability. The products which have been most discussed and noted in previous rumors, are the iMac, Mac Mini and MacBook. The MacBook should come in a fresh plastic design and the iMac should generally just get a facelift, but it’s still interesting to see what kind of facelift. The future of the Mac Mini has been very difficult to predict for analysts, as it first appeared Apple would discontinue the product, yet rumors have indicated updates on it ever since last year.

And what about that plastic remote? Will it remain plastic and will it perhaps receive a multi-touch screen as the iPhone and iPod Touch? Those are rumors which have circulated for some time, and it definitely would make sense for Apple to update the device, so we’re are very excited about the current week… if Apple is in fact going to release new products, nothing is sure yet. However, the trend is to announce updates on Tuesdays, so well… If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen soon.

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