Apple Announces To Shut Down Service Beta Service

Apple has recently announced that their beta service will be shutting down effective 31 July 2012. Apple sent an email to customers in this regard.

The service was launched in 2009 in conjunction with iWork ’09. It has served as a method to share documents and comments online for many. Since then, the iWork suite of applications has also become available on iOS. Pages, Numbers and Keynote related applications were among the most popular downloads in the App Store.

Following email was sent out to iWork customers:

iWork Shutdown E-Mail

Apple has informed users that iCloud, which launched last fall, is a service that can be a good replacement for the service. Apple is recommending that users should switch to iCloud’s Documents in the Cloud feature as an alternate service that will provide similar functionality. Apple even brought statistics in its email, stating that 40 million documents had been stored in iCloud since the launch of the service and the number was continuing to grow daily.

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