Apple took it all?

It’s of no use to tell people what is bad and what is good. People are intelligent enough to find out that by their own. The one who rules the market takes it all. Ok let’s get off from this hide and seek game and get real.

Jim Balsillie, the co-CEO, is not happy about RIM.

“Initially the company shipped millions of BlackBerry and fairly doing well with the share values but now it’s wiping out about $3.5 billion of the company’s stock market value,”

he said.

You won’t be surprised or may be surprised to know that RIM basically created the smart phone market in the 1990s. Yet it has taken Apple just a few years to claw out an enormous share of it. RIM is now playing catch-up, responding to Apple’s innovations instead of leading.

It really makes me think why people are ga ga over Apple despite of many problems and defects associated with its products. Do you have a reason?

We can only say the highest market share value goes to Apple. I didn’t say it, statistics did.


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