Apple topples Nokia to become leader in the global mobile Internet usage market

Close on the heels of becoming the No1 mobile phone vendor in the US, Apple has crossed another milestone by dethroning Nokia to become the leading Smartphone in terms of Internet usage worldwide on handsets, according to a report.Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 10.13.35 AM

The Mobile behemoth from Finland which lead the mobile devices Internet usage market with a 37.67 per cent share last year, has now dropped down to third place, having been overtaken by Apple and Samsung for the 1st and 2nd spot respectively.
“In January 2013 Apple led globally for the first time in terms of Internet usage with 25.86 percent, ahead of Samsung (22.69 percent) and Nokia (22.15 percent),” according to the report by StatCounter, a web analytics firm.

It will be interesting to see if Apple manages to maintain its lead in 2013, with Samsung all set to release data hogging handset models like the upcoming Galaxy S4.


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