Apple Tried To Keep Spotify Out Of US?


The current Spotify director and former Facebook president, Sean Parker, recently revealed that there was “some indication” of Apple attempting to block the music streaming service out of the US.

Parker said that the fear was due to the competition that Spotify brings to the table against Apple’s iTunes.

When speaking at the D10 conference, Parker claimed that there was a sense that Apple felt threatened by Spotify. It attempted to take steps towards stopping its launch in the US. The move was taken due to iTunes being the dominating music distribution entity in the country. Parker said:

“There was some indication that that might have been happening. You hear things, people send you emails.”

The music industry is not an overly important sector for Apple though and this is something that Parker admitted.

It is unlikely that Apple would be too concerned with rivals such as Spotify, as Parker even said “[Music] is still such a small part of their overall business, it wouldn’t be hugely significant to their bottom line.”

Still, the thought that Apple tried to keep a service such as Spotify out of the US seems to raise many questions as Cook previously mentioned that he would hope other companies would rise and create new things – something Spotify would have a better chance of doing for the music industry considering the fact that it focuses in on it.

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