Apple TV binds in limitations and problems.

I did not knew many negative aspects of a cellphone when I bought it because of fashion and passion. The waves from cellphone can cause serious many health problems. Neither Steve Jobs would have thought of about his Apple TV.

Apple TV is encountering some limitations and problems. The most one being the consumers are unaware of or confused about how to use an Internet-connected TV. Secondly, the new Apple TV has been labeled of having limited service. The critics stated it has limited capabilities and contents. The shortcomings like limited programming choices and an inability to use the kinds of applications and games that made the iPhone so popular.

It’s not the end, Apple TV suffered from CBS and NBC, they refused to make television shows available to Apple at 99 cents, and even Fox suggested that it views its agreement with Apple as an experiment.

What will Apple do now? Is again a new version to come in Apple’s way?


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