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Apple TV

After coming up with a jailbreak for the New iPad, hackers have an announcement for Apple TV as well.

It is being said that the work that is being done on Apple’s new tablet will also apply to older devices on iOS 5.1, except perhaps the new Apple TV. Apparently, the least expensive iOS device (Apple TV) also happens to be the most secure.

After unveiling the first jailbroken iPad 3 last weekend, MuscleNerd has been using his Twitter account to make observations and answer questions regarding the recent jailbreak. Here’s one of his more interesting tweets:

MuscleNerd Tweet

That is ironic, considering it is also one of the least popular iOS devices to jailbreak. But Apple is not necessarily doing this on purpose, MuscleNerd explains. It is just that the Apple TV has almost nothing in common with the other iOS devices, with only “a fraction of the software infrastructure.” This equates to less opportunities for discovering exploits.

The good news is that the Apple TV 2 will continue to be jailbreakable thanks to GeoHot’s limera1n bootroom exploit. However, that it does not work for the new Apple TV.

Source: iDownload Blog

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